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Lean Learning: Applying Lean and Agile Techniques to Software Engineering Education

Robert Chatley, Imperial College London
12-1  8th Nov 2023


I will describe some of the ways that we have applied lean and agile techniques to teaching software engineering at Imperial College London. I will talk about the structure and evolution of our programme, which is centred on the tools, techniques and issues that feature in the everyday life of a professional software developer working in a modern team. I will also describe how aligning our teaching methods with the principles of lean and agile software delivery has enabled us to provide sustained high quality learning experiences. I'll dive into two different types of course in detail: firstly a “traditional” lecture course, where we transformed the way that course is taught and assessed, aiming to create tighter feedback loops, and secondly a project-based course where we ask students to put agile methods into practice themselves, to build software in teams.

Short Bio

Robert’s work bridges industry and academia, focussing on developing skills and knowledge in software engineers to build technical competence and improve developer productivity. After spending many years working in industry, Robert now holds the position of Director of Software Engineering Practice at Imperial College London. His role at Imperial combines a strong focus on education with industry-focussed research. Robert has worked with many companies, from startups to multinationals, variously either as a trainer/coach, as a consultant on technical practice, or working as part of engineering leadership.


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